Meal Prepayment System

Mosaic is a computerized meal tracking system that allows parents to make prepayments into their student’s meal account. This system eliminates the problems associated with students carrying money for lunch everyday. Parents may make prepayments into their student’s accounts by the week, month or year.

Money may be added to your student’s account by filling out a prepayment envelope and returning it to the school or the Food Service department in the ESC building.  In person credit card payments can also be made at the ESC.

Money may also be added to your student’s meal account by using

Low Balances

When your Elementary student’s meal account drops to $12.50, a “Low Balance” letter will be sent home with your student on Folder Day.

Middle school students with low balances will receive a reminder slip from cashiers.

Negative Balances

When the account has a negative balance, an additional letter will be sent home on Folder Day requesting that you send money to pay for your student’s lunches.

Middle and high school students are not allowed to have a negative balance in their account. When an elementary account has a negative balance of $18.20, a snack will be provided until money is added to the account.

School Meal Charge Procedures