Growth of a Graduate

Growth of a Graduate

In April 2023, KUSD began working on its Growth of a Graduate process. This process is designed to help develop a vision that articulates the community’s aspirations for our students and the many paths that lead to success. This process is intended to create a clear, unified direction in the work we are doing to educate students in collaboration with the families, businesses and communities we serve. It will guide our work as we focus on academics and the core characteristics we want our students to graduate with as they head out into the world.

Together with 200 staff, parents, guardians, and community members, we developed five key Growth of a Graduate competencies and descriptors that were approved by the Board of Education, including:

Continuous Learner

Continuous Learner

Self-motivated to expand knowledge, skills and perspectives

Active Reflector

Maintains awareness of self, as well as their impact on others and the world

Effective Communicator

Actively listens and clearly expresses ideas through various methods to inform, influence and motivate

Critical Thinker

Analyzes information from different perspectives to develop creative solutions

Community Contributor

Collaborates with others for the greater good of society

This work will continue as we determine how to help our students gauge whether they are achieving these competencies as they also work to achieve success in their core academics. And while these are things that are already built into our everyday lessons, they are also built into our everyday lives – at home, in extracurricular activities, and in our community.