Regular school attendance is vital for providing your child with a solid foundation for a happier and more successful future. Truancy is an unexcused absence from school. Habitual truancy has been linked to trouble with the law, gang involvement, low self-esteem, and alcohol and drug use/abuse. Students who are truant often fail to earn the necessary credits for graduation and drop out of school. This can place them at a severe disadvantage because student often lack prerequisite skills needed to gain employment and develop into well adjusted, successful contributing members of the community. 

Parents have the legal responsibility to ensure their children attend school. As the K-8 Attendance Officer, a large part of my role with Kenosha Unified is helping parents and students overcome any obstacles that are inhibiting or standing in the way of regular attendance. These obstacles are diverse and may be anything from classroom difficulties, learning concerns, family problems, divorce, money issues, troubles with peers, harassment, poor social skills, to mental illness. School staff, district and community programs can help children and families cope with these concerns and improve school attendance.

If your child is not attending school regularly, seek the help of your school principal, teachers, counselor and social workers. Early intervention is the key to helping students overcome attendance issues and become healthy, positive and productive members of our community.