The Kenosha Unified School District was created in 1967. The District includes the City of Kenosha, Village of Pleasant Prairie, and Town and Village of Somers. While it is called the Kenosha Unified School District, it is actually a common school district and holds an annual meeting of electors.

District Information


  • Board of Education, 7 elected members
  • Interim Superintendent of Schools, Bethany Ormseth

Enrollment and Schools

Third Largest district in Wisconsin that serves over 19,000 students annually.


  • 4K – 5th: 8,922
  • 6th – 8th: 4,259
  • 9th – 12th: 6,200
  • TOTAL: 19,381 students


  • 22 elementary schools
  • 5 middle schools
  • 3 high schools
  • 5 charter schools
  • 5 choice schools
  • 1 specialty school
  • 1 Head Start child development center

Student Composition *

  • American Indian or Alaska Native – 35
  • Asian – 330
  • Black or African American – 2,629
  • Hispanic of any race – 5,854
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander – 16
  • Two or more races – 1,435
  • White – 9,082

Total Employees

  • 3,693

Graduation Rate

  • 87.4%

Operational Fund Expenditures

  • $283,791,575
Strategic Goals


Moral imperative: ALL students will have an equal opportunity to prepare for college and/or careers with the support of highly qualified educators in a learning environment that is resource rich, safe, and welcoming.

Strategic Goals

GOAL 1: Student Achievement

Increase the success of all students by prioritizing, planning and implementing recommendations from the School Improvement Plans.

  • By September 2022, KUSD will restructure instructional administrator meetings to designate time and support to ensure that 100% of schools have an operational, data-driven school improvement plan in place by the start of the 2023-24 school year.
  • By utilizing a collaborative School Improvement Plan process and Professional Learning Community practices, KUSD’s elementary and middle schools overall Median Conditional Growth Percentile for MAP Reading and Math will be at or above the 50th percentile by Spring 2024.
  • By utilizing a collaborative School Improvement Plan process and Professional Learning Community practices, KUSD’s high school students will experience at least a 5% increase in the number of Grade 11 students meeting the College Readiness Benchmark of 22 in Reading and Math as indicated by the ACT test.
  • All KUSD schools will implement a School Improvement Plan by the start of the 2023-24 school year that includes a school culture goal promoting positive relationships and mutual respect amongst students, parents and staff.

GOAL 2: Fiscal Responsibility

Implement transparent fiscal management practices that prioritize and align resources with strategic goals.

  • KUSD will engage in an inclusive and transparent process with the school board, staff, administration, and public to create recommendations that result in an annually balanced budget.

GOAL 3: Effective and Engaged Workforce

Retain and recruit highly qualified staff who work to ensure the success of every student.

  • By the end of January 2023, KUSD will hire an additional 40 substitute or teachers in unfilled positions in order to alleviate substitute shortages in schools.
  • By June 2023, KUSD will identify strategies to increase the diversity of staff by 5% by June 2026.

GOAL 4: Family and Community Engagement

Foster and strengthen community partnerships to increase student learning and family engagement.

  • By June 2023, KUSD will create and implement at least four districtwide family education programs to increase family engagement, which further supports student learning.