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Theatre Arts

Theater arts education begins in elementary school musical and operatic productions. Students may choose to continue their theatre arts education during middle school extra-curricular productions and high school curricular and extra-curricular productions.

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General Document(s)
Form English
2019-20 Season Poster PDF icon theatre-poster.pdf
30 minute Midsummer / Hamlet - cast list PDF icon cast-midsummer-hamlet.pdf
Ada and the Engine - poster PDF icon poster-ada-and-the-engine.pdf
Ada and the Engine - cast list PDF icon cast-ada-and-the-engine.pdf
Big Fish - cast list PDF icon cast-big-fish.pdf
The Book of Will - cast list PDF icon cast-book-of-will.pdf
Brilliant Traces - poster PDF icon poster-brilliant-traces.pdf
Brilliant Traces - cast list PDF icon cast-brilliant-traces.pdf
The Clean House - poster PDF icon poster-clean-house.pdf
Hazelwood Jr. High - poster PDF icon poster-hazelwood.pdf
Kinky Boots - cast list PDF icon cast-kinky-boots.pdf
Quilters: The Musical - cast list PDF icon cast-quilters.pdf
The Secret in the Wings - poster PDF icon poster-secret-in-the-wings.pdf
Something Rotten! - poster PDF icon poster-something-rotten.pdf
Something Rotten! - cast list PDF icon cast-something-rotten.pdf
Violet - poster PDF icon poster-violet.pdf
Violet - cast list PDF icon cast-violet.pdf
Wizard of Oz - poster PDF icon poster-wizard-of-oz.pdf
Wizard of Oz - cast list PDF icon cast-wizard-of-oz.pdf