Policy 8530 – Board Self-Assessment

It is the belief of the School Board that conducting a self-assessment is essential to the continued improvement and success of a school district. Therefore, the Board shall plan for and carry through an annual evaluation of its functioning as a Board. This evaluation should be based on the broad aspects of education in the District including the tenets of the District’s Strategic Plan.

The self-assessment tool shall be developed by the Board with the assistance of the Superintendent of Schools.

The timeline set forth in the rule implementing this policy shall be used as a guide in completing the self-assessment process.

CROSS REF.: 8520, Board Goal Setting



September 27, 2005
February 24, 2015

Rule 8530 – Board Self-Assessment Process

The annual self-assessment of the School Board is to focus on the functioning of the Board as a whole and not the performance of individual Board members. While the board conducts a self-assessment on the aspects of education in the district, it should also conduct a self-assessment on how the board conducts itself consistent with norms and established goals. It is the responsibility of the Board President to discuss concerns about the performance of individual Board members (i.e. violating meeting norms) with that Board member privately.

The following timeline shall be used as a guide in completing the annual self-assessment process:

  • FEBRUARY Board Meeting: Evaluation instrument distributed and discussed along with previous year’s report.
  • MARCH: Completed instrument returned to the Superintendent of Schools.
  • APRIL Public Relations/Goals/Legislative Committee Meeting: Summary report of collected data distributed to Public Relations/Goals/Legislative Committee for preliminary review prior to full Board review.
  • APRIL Board Meeting: Summary report provided for full Board review.
  • MAY Public Relations/Goals/Legislative Committee Meeting: Formulation of improvement plans discussed.
  • JUNE Board Meeting: Presentation and Board adoption of improvement plans.