Policy 8520 – Board Goal Setting

It is the belief of the School Board that an annual goal setting process will be beneficial to the Board, District, and students. The Board of Education will participate in a goal setting process by July 1 annually. The goal setting process is to assist the Board in fulfilling its primary responsibility of establishing the procedures that will produce the best educational for District students. The Board believes that the annual goal setting process could involve: Board, administration, teachers, support staff, students, and public.

The purpose of annual goal setting is to achieve the following:

  1. Provide the Board, District, and Superintendent of Schools a framework from which to place greater emphasis on identified areas.
  2. Communicate with the public some of the major points of emphasis in the coming year(s).
  3. Collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve identified goals.

CROSS REF.: 8530, Board Self-Assessment



  • January 27, 2004
  • February 24, 2015