Policy 3340 – Monies in School Buildings

The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services shall be responsible for accounting for all monies under the direct control of the School Board in all schools and departments.

Monies in District buildings shall be accounted for in accordance with established procedures. Deposits will be made in depositories designated by the Board.


  • Wisconsin Statutes



AFFIRMED: April 9, 1991


  • October 28, 2003
  • December 18, 2007

Rule 3340 – Monies in School Buildings

All School District monies collected in excess of $250 shall be deposited within 24 hours in designated depositories. Monies in excess of $200 shall not be left in the schools or departments over the weekend.

Schools that are managing their own activity accounts that have activity funds collected in excess of $250 shall be deposited within 24 hours in their designated depository. The principal shall be responsible for any expenditure of these funds.

Deposit pickup delivery service shall be available for the transmittal of bank deposits. All monies collected shall be receipted according to established procedures.

Principals and other District department administrators shall be responsible for informing all personnel under their supervision of established District procedures to be used in the handling of monies in the schools.