What’s Up, Doc?

A college of photos of Ms. Phillips' students.

Mr. Wright’s anatomy classes at Indian Trail High School and Academy worked with Ms. Phillips’ students in their nervous system “reflexes” lab.

“This one today brought me to tears,” Indian Trail ID Teacher Mapel (Ashley Phillips) said about the lab. “The students all had a great time! Everyone was laughing and happy. I know sometimes teenagers as well as others aren’t exactly sure how to talk to students in our unit, but these are great learning experiences on both ends. …We went to Mr. Wright’s 1st and 2nd period. I have 3rd period prep and I started to cry happy tears because as we walked out of Mr. Wright’s class I hear his students yelling ‘bye’ to our students by their first name. His students may not understand how special that is, but I do. They now aren’t just a student in the hallway, they know their names, they were seen, they were heard, and they felt so happy. I’m so glad other teachers were so happy and willing to collaborate to help me carry out my vision for our unit.”