Mayor’s Youth Commission Award

Emily holds her certificate in front of a city of Kenosha sign and model light house.

Congratulations to Forest Park Elementary fifth-grader Emily F., who was honored with the Mayor’s Youth Commission Award this week for her example of continued leadership, kindness, respect, and value to her education.

Emily was nominated by her former teacher, Ms. Boresch, who shared the following story: “Emily immediately built a connection with a young first-grade child with autism when they were paired to work together. She interacted, engaged, and modified many activities for this child to be able to participate with her classmates in planned activities. Emily became a safe place for this child while our classes interacted. She familiarized herself with the child’s resources, tools, and best-fit strategies without being asked. She found such joy in sitting with this child and engaging in conversation and activities to meet the child’s needs. Emily would sit by this child during assemblies and would be an outlet when the child needed a break during the school day. She also worked each morning and afternoon to make the transitions smoother for the young girl upon entering and leaving the building. Although she is no longer my student, both current teachers still value this student-to-student relationship. She has made a remarkable difference in this young child’s life.”

Great job, Emily!