KUSD announces list of candidates for Board vacancy

KUSD news release

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, KUSD board member Dan Wade announced his resignation from the Board of Education. This resignation leaves a vacancy on the board that must be filled until the April 2022 spring election, and becomes effective following the special board meeting on July 1, 2021. 

Individuals who submitted their letter of interest by the 12 p.m. deadline today, June 24, include (in alphabetical order by last name): 

  1. Aziz Al-Sager
  2. John Bush
  3. Valerie Douglas
  4. Mike Falkofske
  5. Kyle Flood
  6. Genevieve Gagliardi Gerou
  7. Jonathon Kim
  8. Patrick Langston II
  9. Brooks Litz
  10. Eric Meadows
  11. Sarah Rendulic
  12. Matthew Richer
  13. Atifa Robinson
  14. Samuel Roochnik 

A special meeting of the board during which candidates will be interviewed will be held on Thursday, July 1 at 5 p.m. The following process shall take place during the open/public meeting:  

Round One: 

  • Candidates will be interviewed one at a time in reverse alphabetical order. 
  • Candidates will be asked to sit in an adjacent room until it is their turn to be interviewed. 
  • Board members should prepare four possible questions prior to the meeting. 
  • Each board member will ask one question of a candidate, resulting in each candidate answering six questions within a given time frame.  
  • Each board member will ask the same question of all candidates.
  • Board members will ask their questions in the order that roll call is taken.  
  • Each candidate will have two minutes to answer questions, and the board secretary will keep time. 
  • After responding to all questions, candidates may remain in the boardroom.

Narrowing of Candidates

After all candidates have been interviewed, board members will be asked to narrow the field using the following suggested procedure:

  • Each board member will list, in writing, their top three choices.
  • The Superintendent or their designee will review the lists and only those candidates appearing on two or more lists shall be eligible for the second round of interviews.
  • If desired, unsuccessful candidates may remain in the boardroom.

Round Two:

  • Board members will ask a follow up question, if desired, of the remaining candidates.
  • Board members will ask the same question of all remaining candidates.
  • Candidates will have two minutes to respond to questions.
  • As with the first round, candidates will be asked to sit in an adjacent room until it is their turn to be interviewed.
  • After all candidates have had an opportunity to answer the second round of questions, board members will be asked to rank the remaining candidates in order of preference, assigning the highest number to their most preferred candidate and the lowest number (1) to their least preferred candidate.
  • The Superintendent or their designee will then add up the accumulated points and report them to the board in writing.
  • The board may then recess for a short time.


  • The board vacancy may be filled at the July 1, 2021, special board meeting as follows: 
    • Following the interview process, motions will be in order for filling the board vacancy. Board members should accentuate the positive when supporting a "motion to appoint" and should refrain from proselytizing. 
    • Tied votes equal a failed motion and, according to School Board policy, a failed motion cannot be reintroduced during the same business meeting.
    • Board members who do not follow the above rules may have their ballots disqualified by the presiding officer, but will be allowed to vote on any motion.
  • If the remaining board members do not appoint an individual to fill a vacancy during the July 1 special meeting or within sixty (60) days of the date on which the vacancy first exists, three board members shall be selected at random to appoint an individual from the full list of board candidates as outlined in Policy 8330 – Filling School Board Vacancies, please visit https://bit.ly/2XT7RWS