15-year anniversaries

15 years with Kenosha Unified School District

Congratulations to all of our amazing staff celebrating their 15-year anniversary with KUSD! We appreciate all you do and are so grateful to have you as a part of our KUSD family! Thank you for your past, current and future service.

Anniversaries were pulled as of Sept. 30 and are not retroactive. If your 15-year anniversary falls after Sept. 30, you will be recognized next school year.

Jill Arturi

Amos Beernink

Brian Bieri

Carrie Borst

Jamie Cole

Michelle Corbett

Trenai Dagen

Maria Del Real

Heidi Diagne

Mary Diliberti

Lindsay Edwards

Charity Eigenberger

Cristine Escobedo

John Friery

Bernadette Gagliardi

Ellen Goratowski

Ver-Joy Gruss

Rosemarie Habel

Shannon Higgins

Amanda Hoff

Simone Jones

Kathleen Landgraf

Lynn Landre

Lourdes Lesnik

Hansel Lugo

Tracy Metzler

Alicia Meyer

Julie Mulligan

Carrie Neu

Timothy Nieman

Carrie Otto

Naomi Padjen

Jason Paproth

Francisca Peters

Beth Ricciardi

Laura Robinson

Heather Ruha

Michael Schmidt

Katherine Starosta

Stacy Stephens

Deborah Tenuta

Nancy Thompson

Sarahna Tripoli Silva

Tamara Valeri

Gerardo Vargas

Megan Winget

Michelle Zazula