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School Closing Procedures

Only the superintendent of schools or his/her designee is authorized to determine whether schools shall be closed in inclement weather.

A public announcement of school closings shall be made through the various available media. Schools are expected to be open following their regular schedules if no public announcement is made to the contrary by 5:30 a.m. on any given day. Schools may be open when bus transportation or food services are not in operation. All personnel should refer to the three procedures outlined in Rule 3643 to determine if/when to report to work during inclement weather. The superintendent reserves the right to close the district for all students and employees if deemed necessary.

Kenosha Unified School District puts student safety first, which is why the district takes several factors into consideration when determining whether to close schools due to extreme weather, such as:

  • Winter weather warning:
    • If the warning is issued prior to 5 a.m. and remains in effect throughout the school day, schools will be closed (automatic closure)
      • Is there a sustained wind chill of -34° or lower?
      • Is there a sustained temperature of -20° or lower?
    • If the warning goes into effect after 9 a.m. and ends by 3 p.m., school will be in session as usual
    • If the warning goes into effect after 9 a.m. but lasts into the evening, a decision will be made by 5:30 a.m. regarding closure
  • Other considerations:
    • Is there blowing snow with winds of 20 miles per hour?
    • Is there or will there be a heavy accumulation of snow, especially during the typical travel times to and from school?
      • Are streets and sidewalks clear?
      • Are buses unable to run due to extreme cold or unplowed streets?
      • Are driving conditions hazardous?
      • Are there power or phone outages?

If school is not canceled and a parent and/or guardian feels his/her child is safer at home, they reserve the right to keep them home. Keeping a child home due to weather will be recorded as an excused absence on the student’s record per Policy 5310 and State Statute 118.15 so long as the parent and/or guardian reports the absence in a timely manner.

In the event schools are closed or the arrival/dismissal time is changed due to severe weather, an announcement will be made via local television stations, radio stations, the KUSD website (, KUSD Channel 20,, and 359-SNOW (7669).

If schools are closed for the day, KUSD will make every effort to release this information via the aforementioned avenues by 5:30 a.m. If schools are closed, all after-school activities in the district, including sports and evening events, also will be canceled. When KUSD schools are closed, no transportation will be provided to private and parochial schools.


Unless notified otherwise, Procedure 1 is in effect.

  • Procedure 1: All schools in KUSD will be open today. Students and personnel are expected to attend.

  • Procedure 2: All schools in KUSD will open two hours late, and school buses that transport students will be running approximately two hours late. There will be no a.m. or p.m. Early Childhood, Speech Impact or 4K classes. Personnel are expected to report as normally scheduled. Dismissal will be at the regular time.

  • Procedure 3: All schools in KUSD will be closed, and no students are expected to report. The Senior Citizen Center also will be closed. KUSD employees must refer to Policy Rule 3643 for attendance guidelines.


  1. General guidelines: 10 degrees and below; wind chill factor of 0 degrees or below; and rain/drizzle/blizzard = indoor recess, indoor noon recess and early entrance to door areas/hallways.

  2. Administrator’s responsibilities: Principals are responsible for the timely implementation of the guidelines; reasonable supervision of students under all circumstances and informing parents each year of the district’s expectations regarding indoor periods due to weather conditions.

School Closing Procedures
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