Policy 8840 – School Board Minutes

The School Board Secretary shall take the minutes of regular and special School Board meetings on behalf of the School Board Clerk. The minutes shall constitute the official record of proceedings of the School Board and should include:

  1. A record of all actions taken by the School Board, including the vote thereon.
  2. A record of all transactions, orders, procedures and motions in full.

Minutes of regular and special School Board meetings shall be published in a newspaper with general circulation in the District as required by state law. Official copies of the School Board minutes shall be stored in a fire-resistant safe or vault with other District records. Digital copies may be used as substitutes. Except as otherwise provided, copies of the official minutes shall be made available to interested citizens upon request during regular office hours. The public may have access to executive session minutes to the extent authorized by state law.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 19.88 [Recording votes and motions]
    • 120.11 [School board meetings and reports]


  • 8710, Regular Board Meetings
  • 8720, Special Board Meetings



  • May 25, 1993
  • June 8, 1993


  • July 10, 2001
  • February 24, 2015