Policy 8750 – Annual School District Meeting

An annual meeting shall be called, noticed and conducted in the District. The date of the annual meeting shall be set pursuant to the direction of the electors at a previous annual meeting. No annual meeting shall be held before May 15 or after September 30.

An agenda shall be developed that includes items of business authorized by law to be acted on by electors at the annual meeting, including but not limited to approval of the tax levy, board member compensation and expenses and the sale of property no longer needed by the District.

Public notice shall be given for the annual meeting in accordance with state law.

In addition, electors meetings can be scheduled by a petition of the electorate meeting of the electors with proper notice and the agenda will cover matters consistent with state law governing meetings of the electors.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
  • Sections 19.84 [Public notice]
  • 120.08 [School district meetings]
  • 120.09 [Consideration of special subject at annual meeting]
  • 120.10 [Annual meeting powers]



  • July 10, 2001
  • February 24, 2015