Policy 8510 – School Board Policy Development, Revision, and Repeal

The School Board shall provide policy statements to guide the operation of the District. These policy statements shall be adopted or amended only by a majority vote of the School Board at two regular School Board meetings and shall be filed with the School Board Clerk. School Board policies and rules shall be suspended only by two-thirds vote of the full membership of the School Board.

Suggestions by the public and school personnel for revisions or additions to existing District policies are
welcomed by the School Board. Such suggestions by school personnel should normally be directed through regular administrative channels to the Superintendent of Schools. Members of the public may convey their ideas by communicating with School Board member, or the Superintendent, or by commenting at School Board meetings when public comments are requested. School Board members shall receive written information concerning a proposed policy or amendment at least 48 hours prior to the meeting at which the proposal will be discussed. Board policies shall be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

The School Board shall also adopt bylaws dealing with Board operating procedures that are in accordance with state law and the needs of the School District. School Board bylaws shall be adopted, amended, or repealed only by a majority vote of the Board and shall be suspended or repealed only by a unanimous vote of the School Board. Board operating procedures shall be contained in Series 8000 of the policy manual.


  • 8500, Board Powers and Duties
  • 8511, Administrative Leeway in Absence of District Policy
  • 8512, Development of Administrative Rules and Regulations
  • 8850, Board Standing Committees
  • 8870, Public Participation at Board Meetings



  • May 25, 1993
  • June 8, 1993


  • July 10, 2001
  • February 24, 2015