Policy 6730 – Social Events/Student Reward Trips

Socials or meetings of any school group and trips that are planned as part of a school’s discipline reward system may be held within or outside a school building with the permission of the principal. All such events shall be held only with the consent of the principal and have proper supervision provided.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 120.12(2) [Board duty; exercise general supervision over the schools]
    • 120.13 [Board power to do all things reasonable for the cause of education]


  • 3545, Transportation
  • 3545.4, Non-Public School Students
  • 3545.6, Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students
  • 6520, Field Trips/Co-Curricular Trips
  • 6521, Foreign Educational Tours
  • 6700, Extracurricular Activities and Programs
  • 6710, School Organizations


  • 5531, Guidelines for Building Emergency Plans
  • 6520A, Field Trip/Co-Curricular Trip Request Form
  • 6520B, Health and Emergency Information Form for Field Trip/Co-Curricular Trip
  • 6520C, Guidelines for Walking Field Trips
  • 6520D, Student Responsibilities on Field Trips
  • 6520E, Chaperone Responsibilities for Field Trips
  • 6520F, Trip Check Off Lists

AFFIRMED: October 22, 1991


  • September 14, 1999
  • January 29, 2002

Rule 6730 – Guidelines for Planning Social Events/student Rewards Trips

No social events shall be scheduled which interfere with the instructional program. Student reward trips may be scheduled during the day if they include activities which relate to the instructional program.

Picnics and other social events by school groups, held off school premises may be approved only by the principal for special situations when satisfactory arrangements have been made regarding the safety and welfare of participants.

Normal field trip arrangements shall be made for any social excursions in accordance with the District guidelines.