Policy 6710 – School Organizations

No students attending the schools of the School District shall become members of any fraternity, sorority, club or other organization or society within the school, which is not approved by the principal as authorized by the Superintendent of Schools.

School organizations shall be regulated by the building principal, under the authority of the Superintendent. No school organization or member thereof shall be allowed to indulge in any dangerous practice.

All authorized school organizations shall meet in school unless otherwise approved by the principal.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 120.13 [Board power to do all things reasonable for the cause of education]
    • 120.13(1)(a) [Board power to set rules of conduct]


  • 3450, Monies in School Buildings
  • 5126.3, Management of Funds
  • 5110, Equal Educational Opportunities
  • 5438, Gang and Gang-Related Activities
  • 6520, Field Trips/Co-Curricular Trips
  • 6700, Extracurricular Activities and Programs
  • 6730, Student Social Events/Student Reward Trips
  • 6740, Student Fundraising Activities
  • 6780, Public Appearances by Students


AFFIRMED: August 13, 1991

REVISED: January 29, 2002