Policy 6425 – Multilingual Learners

Consistent with Wisconsin State Law [115.96 (4) (a-b), Wis.Stats.], students whose primary language is not English are offered specific instruction, programs, and support to acquire academic and social English language skills.

Kenosha Unified School District recognizes that all students are entitled to an effective instructional program and support in order to meet their needs. In order to meet these requirements and supports, the school district shall develop a program plan to ensure that these legal responsibilities are being met.

Multilingual learners (MLs), formerly known as English learners (ELs), will be placed in an appropriate educational setting, determined by the boundary in which they reside. They will receive appropriate support so that they can acquire English proficiency and be held to the same rigorous standards for academic success as their peers.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Section 115.96 [Determining count of limited English proficient students; establishing bilingual-bicultural programs]
    • Section 115.97 [Bilingual-bicultural programs required] Section 118.13 [Student nondiscrimination]
    • Section 118.30(2)(b)2 [State assessments; accommodations for limited English proficient students]
    • Section 121.02(1)(r) [School district standard; standardized 3rd grade reading test]
    • Section 121.02(1)(s) [School district standard; state assessments]
  • Wisconsin Administrative Code
    • PI 8.01(2)(r) [Standardized 3rd grade reading test; procedures required for testing limited English proficient students]
    • PI 13 [School board requirements related to limited-English proficient students, including policy requirements]
  • Federal Laws
    • Elementary and Secondary Education Act [Part A – Subpart 1] [Academic standards, assessments and accountability for student achievement, including English learners]
    • Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act [Language instruction for English learners and immigrant students]
  • Federal Regulations
    • 34 C.F.R. §200.6(f) [Federal regulations regarding mandated testing and assessment of English learners]

AFFIRMED: March 2024

Rule 6425 – Multilingual Learners


The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction-adopted Home Language Survey is part of the enrollment process for all students, and it is the first step in the identification process. At least one of the following criteria must be met to move to the next step in the screening process:

  • The student communicates in a language other than English or
  • The student’s family uses a primary language other than English in the home or
  • The student uses a language other than English in daily nonschool surroundings.

When a student meets at least one of the above criteria, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction-approved language screening tool is administered by an English as a second language (ESL) teacher and is completed within the first 30 days of enrollment to the school. Parents are then notified and receive details on ESL programming and supports.

Parent/Guardian Rights

After completion of the screener, parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive notification of results from the ESL teacher along with a permission form for services for the student based on his/her English proficiency level. The parent will also inform the ESL teacher of the student’s language preference for correspondence between home and school.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) have a right to be notified, in the language indicated in the language of preference (to the extent practicable), about their student’s services at multiple points throughout the year. This includes:

  • After initial language screener is administered
  • After initial identification of language service needs and explanation of those services
  •  After the annual English language proficiency assessment
  • After any other state or federal assessments
  • Notification of exiting the program when it occurs
  • Notification of monitoring services after exiting the program

Please note, a parent may decide to receive or decline ESL services for their student; however, the student must still be assessed annually on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction federally required English language proficiency assessment.


Kenosha Unified School District provides all qualifying ML students with effective programming and support services based on their English proficiency level. The level of program of services will be based on high quality instructional strategies and supports through a Language Development Plan (LDP) that may include but are not limited to:

  • English language development
  • Push in or pull over classroom support
  • Bilingual or dual language education
  • Structured English language immersion
  • Collaborative goal setting for each domain of language learning until reaching proficiency
  • Monitoring of academics after exiting the program

Assessment and Academic Achievement

MLs must take the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction-required annual English language proficiency assessment. MLs will also take the required state and local assessments with proficiency level accommodations and/or modifications as determined by the students’ Language Development Plans (LDPs).

The district may not exempt MLs from taking state-wide assessments based solely on their language proficiency level. However, testing accommodations shall be provided based on student need. Any accommodations made must maintain the validity of the test and be identified on the student LDP. Results on any state or local assessment should not be used to determine grade promotion, eligibility for courses or programs, or eligibility for participation in postsecondary educational opportunities.

English Language Status and Exit Procedures

Kenosha Unified School District follows the Wisconsin exit criteria for reclassification and exiting English learner status.

  • If a student scores an overall proficiency of a 5.0 or higher on the English language proficiency assessment, the student will be automatically reclassified and monitored for two years by an ESL teacher.
  • If a student scores an overall proficiency of 4.5 to 4.9, the ESL teacher may opt to use an observation tool to determine if the student is peer competitive and would be able to function without academic assistance from an ESL teacher. By using the Multiple Indicator Protocol, if proficiency is demonstrated, the student will be reclassified and monitored for two years by an ESL teacher.
  • If the student does not demonstrate proficiency during the observation, he/she remains in the ESL program.

Once students have been exited, either automatically or through observation, they shall no longer:

  • Take the annual English language proficiency assessment.
  • Receive state testing accommodations for MLs.
  • Receive classroom accommodations for MLs.

When a reclassification decision is made, it must be communicated to the parents, along with any changes in programming or support.

Former MLs shall be monitored for two academic years after exiting the program. If during that time it is determined that the student was exited prematurely, the student shall be placed back into the program with the appropriate monitoring paperwork. State reporting of the academic progress of former MLs will follow legal requirements as determined by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.