Policy 6422 – Homebound Instruction

In keeping with the District philosophy that views education as a process of continual growth, homebound instruction opportunities shall be provided to students who are absent from school for extended periods of time due to physical injury, medical situation or a severe emotional problem.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 115.79(4) [Special classes, separate schooling or other removal of a student with a disability from the regular educational environment]
    • 118.16(4)(d) [Program or curriculum modifications; home-bound study]


  • 5110, Equal Educational Opportunities
  • 5310, Student Attendance
  • 6421, Programs for Students with Disabilities
  • 6426, Program or Curriculum Modifications
  • 6427, Individual and Remedial Services
  • Special Education Program and Procedure Manual


AFFIRMED: March 11, 1997

REVISED: January 29, 2002

Rule 6422 – Homebound Instruction Guidelines

Homebound instruction may be provided to students who are unable to attend classes for at least five consecutive school days due to a physical injury, medical situation or a severe emotional problem. The instruction is designed to provide support for the basic academic courses so that when students return to school they will not be at a disadvantage because of the illness or the hospitalization.

To qualify for homebound instruction, the student needs to submit a physician’s statement requesting the homebound instruction to the Executive Director of K-8 Instruction or designee. The physician’s statement must include the reasons that homebound instruction is needed and estimate the time the student will be out of school.

Homebound instruction is offered in basic elementary subjects and in secondary subjects that do not require laboratories and special equipment and is subject in all cases to the availability of qualified teachers. Certified teachers are assigned to homebound instruction by the Executive Director of K-8 Instruction, with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools or designee.