Policy 6418 – Character Education

All staff members are expected to exemplify the District’s Lifelong Learning Standards and Benchmarks and to incorporate them into the instructional program.  Positive character traits are recognized as being a part of our heritage and as being necessary for the full development of our students and our community.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Section 118.01(2) [Instructional program goals requirements, including those related to
      lifelong learning and citizenship)


  • 6100, District Vision
  • 6110, Instructional Program Mission and Beliefs
  • Lifelong Learning Standards and Benchmarks


AFFIRMED: September 24, 1991

REVISED: January 29, 2002

AFFIRMED: September 24, 1991

Lifelong Learning Standards   Benchmarks
Applies Knowledge Understands and is able to use knowledge as stated in the content standards for each subject
Applies Reasoning Selects and uses appropriate reasoning and strategies for intended purpose
Makes Decisions Utilizes a decision-making process to make appropriate choices
Solves Problems Solves problems using relevant resources
Accesses Information Accesses information using a variety of techniques and resources
Evaluates Accuracy Evaluates the accuracy and usefulness of information
Uses Information Assembles and synthesizes information for a given purpose
Communicates Clearly Expresses ideas clearly in accordance with audience and purpose
Sets and Achieves Goals Sets personally meaningful life goals and develops a plan to achieve these goals in the pursuit of excellence
Directs Change Demonstrates ability to adapt, manage, and direct change
Demonstrates Responsibility Demonstrates personal responsibility for learning
Evaluates Self Evaluates how academic and personal development impact learning
Sustains Effort Exerts a high level of efforts and perseveres to complete a task
Seeks New Ideas Seeks new knowledge and tries new ideas
Creates Quality Creates quality products or performances that reflect skill, craftsmanship and originality in achieving their intended purpose
Appreciates Excellence Recognizes and responds to excellence and can make and defend judgments about the merits of a product or performance
Uses Appropriate Tools Selects and applies appropriate tools in creating a quality product or performance
Connects Family, School and Work Understands how family, school, work, and community systems are interdependent and influence attitudes, aspirations, opportunities, and behaviors
Works in Groups Utilizes interpersonal skills to work cooperatively in diverse groups to accomplish common goals
Manages Conflict Uses nonviolent conflict management skills effectively
Respects Diversity Accommodates individual differences and considers how diverse perspectives contribute to society
Serves the Community Plans and takes action for the welfare of the community