Policy 5450 – Law Enforcement Agencies and Schools

The School Board and District employees shall extend full cooperation to other local governmental agencies in the interest of the education, health, welfare and safety of the community.

Within the proper exercise of police power and its consequent investigative authority, law enforcement officials shall be able to call at the schools and request permission of principals to question students. Such questioning during school hours shall be for legitimate purposes, for example, the investigation of a particular situation involving the students. Permission for questioning may be denied at the discretion of the principal only in a situation warranting such denial.

Questioning of students by law enforcement officials shall be only in the presence of the principal/designee with the exception of cases involving suspected child abuse or neglect. Except as otherwise provided by law, parents/guardians of students involved in such questioning shall be notified by the principal of the situation.


  • Wisconsin Statutes:
    • Sections: 48.981 child abuse/neglect
    • 946.40 refusing to aid officer
    • 946.41 resisting or obstructing officer
  • OAG Attorney General’s Opinion Regarding Police Interviews of Students in School


  • 5461 Locker Searches
  • 5540 Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect

AFFIRMED: December 18, 1990

REVISED: February 10, 1998