Policy 5270 – Part Time Open Enrollment

A nonresident public high school student may apply for enrollment in a course(s) in the Kenosha Unified School District in accordance with state law and established procedures. The District shall use the same criteria for accepting and rejecting course applications for nonresident students as resident students. Preference shall be given in attendance in a course as follows:

  • Resident students who are enrolled in and attending any school in the district;
  • Resident students who are enrolled in a private school, tribal school, or home-based private educational program taking courses in the district;
  • Resident students over the age of 20 who are taking courses on an audit basis or for credit toward graduation;
  • Any remaining available spaces would be subject to Part Time Open Enrollment application.

If the District receives more nonresident student course applications than there are spaces available, determination of which students to accept shall be made on a random basis in accordance with established District procedures.

Student transportation shall be the responsibility of the nonresident student’s parents(s)/guardian(s) or the adult student.

Nonresident open enrollment students attending courses in the District have all the rights and privileges of resident students and are subject to the same rules and regulations as resident students.

A nonresident student who wishes to attend a KUSD course must submit an application not later than six weeks prior to the date the course is scheduled to commence. The application will specify the course the student wishes to attend and may specify the school that is offering the course. No later than one week prior to the date the course is scheduled to commence, the resident and nonresident school boards are required to provide notifications regarding action taken on the application. The nonresident school board is required to notify the applicant and resident school board, in writing, whether the application has been accepted and the school at which the student may attend the course. The acceptance only applies for the upcoming course offering. If the nonresident school board rejects the application, it must include the reason(s) for the rejection in the notice.

The resident school board is required to notify the applicant and the nonresident school board, in writing, if the application has been rejected and the reason(s) for the rejection. The resident school board must also notify the applicant if they determine that the course to be taken at the nonresident school district does not satisfy high school graduation requirements of the resident district. However, this is not a basis for rejection of a course application.

A District high school student may apply for enrollment in a course(s) in another school district in accordance with state law. Students may not enroll in more than two courses at any time. The Kenosha Unified School District shall deny a student’s enrollment in a course if it conflicts with the student’s individual education program (IEP). The District shall also deny a resident student’s enrollment in a course in another public school district if the cost would impose an undue financial burden on the District.

Transportation to and from the course(s) in another school district under the open enrollment program shall be the responsibility of the student’s parents(s)/guardians(s) or the adult student.

If the resident or nonresident school board rejects an application for Part Time Open Enrollment, the student’s parent or guardian may appeal the decision to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction within 30 days after the decision.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 118.13 [Pupil discrimination prohibited]
    • 118.145(4) (Private school/parochial school participation in high school courses
    • 118.15 [Compulsory school attendance]
    • 118.16 [School attendance enforcement]
    • 118.51 [Full-time open enrollment]
    • 118.52 [Part-time Open Enrollment]
    • 121.84 [Tuition waiver]
    • Chapter 115, Subchapter V (Students with disabilities program requirements)


  • 4351.1 Teaching Load
  • 5110 Equal Educational Opportunities
  • 5120 Student Enrollment Reporting
  • 5200 School Admissions
  • 5210 Entrance Age
  • 5220 Nonresident Students (Excluding Open Enrollment)
  • 5250 Emancipated Minors
  • 5260 Full Time Open Enrollment
  • 5310 Student Attendance
  • 5320 School Attendance Areas
  • 5330 Assignment of Students to Schools
  • Special Education Program and Procedure Manual

AFFIRMED: January 27, 1998

REVISED: March 27, 2018