Policy 4351.1 – Teaching Load

The teaching load for elementary and secondary teachers should be established in accordance with sound educational practices to ensure quality education for every student. The teaching load may have to be modified for specialized programs or where other special considerations are present.

CROSS REF.: 6432, Class Size


AFFIRMED: September 24, 1991


  • June 2, 2000
  • January 29, 2002
  • March 28, 2017

Rule 4351.1 – Guidelines for Teaching Load

  1. Middle School Level
    1. The normal teaching load shall include five (5) periods per week to be used for work in special assigned areas. Each principal, together with each teacher, will develop, in writing, assignment options based on student, staff, program and building needs to best utilize this period. The principal shall make the final decision on the use of this period.
  2. Senior High School Level
    1. The normal teaching load shall include all student contact time less preparation and professional development staff time.
    2. The normal teaching load shall include at least the equivalent of one (1) preparation period per day.
    3. The normal teaching load shall include a homeroom or equivalent assignment.
  3. Elementary School Level
    1. The regular elementary classroom teacher shall be responsible for the elementary instructional program in accordance with the prescribed elementary curriculum.
    2. Elementary specialists in art, music and physical education shall provide instruction in those areas in accordance with the scheduling guidelines set forth in Policy 6140.1 as approved by the School Board.
    3. Regular elementary classroom teachers shall be released from classroom duties during the time when the art, music or physical education teacher is instructing the class, as provided above. The release time for the elementary teacher is to be used for instructional preparation only. If a qualified specialist is not available, the elementary teacher is expected to be responsible for the class. If the specialist instruction takes place in an area other than the immediate classroom, the classroom teacher will escort the class to and from the instructional area at times specified in the school’s schedule. Elementary teachers are expected to follow the guidelines and suggestions provided by the art, music and physical education specialist in order to be able to carry on the instructional program.