Policy 3113 – Fiscal Impact Statement

The District annually prepares and approves annual operating, capital improvement, special projects and grant budgets.  Once approved by the School Board, these budgets are regularly monitored to ensure the appropriate and timely expenditure of District funds. During this budget preparation and approval period, the Board evaluates the various budget assumptions, alternative funding recommendations, and current programs to allocate the available financial, human and physical resources to effectively implement the policies and programmatic objectives of the District.  After the budget is approved, the Board periodically, on an as needed basis, considers various resolutions and programmatic recommendations related to the current budget year and future annual budgets.

To ensure that each of these recommendations is evaluated in a consistent manner, and in terms of its specific budgeting impact on the current and future District budgets, it is recommended that all such actions include a fiscal note prepared by administration.  Said fiscal note will delineate, in detail, the fiscal impact of the recommended action and the recommended source or sources, currently and prospectively. The fiscal note should include the cost of staffing, facilities, administration, etc. No recommendations shall be presented to the Board without the fiscal note.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Section 65.90  [School district budgets]


  • 3110 Annual Operating Budget
  • 3111 School Board Budget
  • 3112 Budget Administration
  • 3121 Financial Accounting


AFFIRMED: March 13, 2001

REVISED: October 28, 2003