Policy 2720 – Shared Decision Making

In order to meet the genuine needs of the community, facilitate school success for all students and ensure the continuous improvement of District educational programs, the Kenosha Unified School District endorses the process of shared decision making.  Shared decision making secures the involvement of all of the educational stakeholders—parents/guardians/caregivers, students, staff, community members, School Board members and school administrators.

Shared decision making opportunities shall be made available in the District through a variety of means, including but not limited to the following: strategic planning teams, school site councils, District and school advisory committees, councils, and task forces.

Shared decision making shall be done in accordance with established District policies, rules, regulations and agreements.  These processes shall include representation of the District/School’s diverse student enrollment.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Section 120.13 (School board power to do all things reasonable for cause of education)


  • 1110, Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Surveys
  • 1120, Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Involvement
  • 2211, Recruiting and Hiring – Administrative, Supervisory and Technical Staff
  • 4330, Staff Selection and Hiring Process
  • 8500, School Board Powers and Duties
  • 8860, Citizen Advisory Committees
  • 8870, Public Participation at Board Meetings
  • Site-Based Decision Making Collaborative Agreements



  • July 25, 2000
  • June 26, 2007