Policy 1510 – Advertising/Promotions

The District, its schools and school-sponsored events and activities shall not be used for advertising of commercial products, services or activities, except as approved by the Superintendent and/or their designee.

Equipment or materials containing advertising of a service, product or activity may be approved for school use by the Superintendent and/or their designee, if the educational value or savings to District taxpayers warrant such approval. In such cases, the Superintendent and/or their designee shall consider proposals from enterprises interested in submitting a proposal that involves the display of or ongoing visual promotion of a particular enterprise. This must be limited in duration and subject to removal if the District’s association with the enterprise is determined to be inconsistent with the District’s mission or the educational environment.

No advertising will be permitted  on school buildings or any District owned property if it advertises or promotes products or services or uses imagery, verbiage or other methods of communication (a) that pertains to products or services that are unlawful or prohibited in school, such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco or other harmful substances; (b) that are inappropriate for the intended age group, such as those related to the promotion of sexual activity; (c) that is political in nature; (d) or that is inconsistent with the District mission or educational objectives.  No advertisement shall be construed as or constitute an endorsement by the Board, the District or the school of any product, services or activity or program. All advertisements must be approved by the Superintendent and/or their designee.

Announcements of activities that are cultural or recreational and sponsored by school-related organizations may be made on the school public address system.  Building principals will regulate such announcements.

LEGAL REF.: Wisconsin Statutes

  • Section 118.12(1) [Promotions on school premises]


  • Policy 1220, Cable Television
  • Policy 1330, Facilities Use
  • Policy 1400, Gifts, Grants and Bequests
  • Policy 1410, Free Materials
  • Policy 1500, Solicitations/Fundraising
  • Policy 1520, Distribution of Marketing Materials
  • Policy 3422, Exclusivity Agreements with Vendors
  • Policy 6750, Student Contests


AFFIRMED: December 28, 1990


  • February 25, 2003
  • December 19, 2006
  • February 27, 2018
  • February 23, 2021