Administrative Regulation 6413.1 – Guidelines for Communications With Parents Regarding Family Life Curriculum Objectives

In accordance with state law requirements, building principals are to notify parents/guardians each year as to the objectives of the K-12 family life curriculum. Copies of these objectives are to be available to parents/guardians in all school libraries as well as the Executive Director of K-8 Instruction, Instructional Media Center and the Department of Recreation, Health and Physical Education.

Each year, parents/guardians are to be notified that they have the right to request exemption from and/or modifications to the family life curriculum for their child(ren). A form for requesting exemption is to be included with this notification letter. (A copy of this letter and form can be obtained from the Department of Recreation, Health and Physical Education.) Parents/guardians who do not want their child(ren) involved when the family life curriculum objectives are being taught are to fill out the exemption request form and return it to the building principal. Parents/guardians requesting specific modifications should do so directly through the building principal.