Reuther art exhibit, mural at Kenosha Creative Space

Reuther Central High School art students’ work is on display at the Kenosha Creative Space. The exhibit includes a wide range of media from all levels and classes of Reuther art students.

A focal point of the exhibit includes a mural conceptualized and painted by in-person honor students Suzie Hoepner, Jack Davis, Sky (Roan) Manthey, Juliana Martinez and Dennon Jankiewicz. The 5-feet by 7-feet board display was inspired by the power of the Kenosha Strong mural projects throughout downtown Kenosha following civil unrest in the city.

“We wanted it to be weird and very random,” Suzie Hoepner said. “We want people to be confused when they look at it but still like it. There are a lot of hidden things in it. We want people to wonder what’s going on.”

Students have been working on the surrealist/pop-inspired mural since October 2020 in limited time blocks due to schedules and COVID restrictions.

“The students are very excited for this opportunity to exhibit considering the pandemic has canceled other opportunities,” art teacher Amy Misurelli Sorensen said. “It’s nice to get out of the classroom with them, too, and apply what they’re learning in the classroom to spaces in the community.”

Reuther also is fortunate to have Kenosha Creative Space nearby, which allows classes to walk to the space for collaborative projects.

“Since we started, I’ve always loved working with the students,” Kenosha Creative Space Executive Director Francisco Loyola said. “Their art is fresh and vibrant.”

It is Loyola’s vision to eventually install a mural alley near the Kenosha Creative Space which will include the Reuther mural.

The mural collaboration began after students visited the in-progress mural “Kinoje” by professional muralist Jaime Brown outside the Space. The students’ indoor mural serves as the backdrop for social media live streams, recorded concerts and events.

In addition to the mural, the exhibit includes a wide range of media from Reuther art students Oscar Miranda, Scarlett Schneeberger-Lenfest, Dayanara Giles, Evan Foster, Selena Torres-Sikorsky, Suli Suastegui-Gutierrez, Tia Wilks, Amare Macon, Gen Mason, Jacob Miller, Chester Hester, Jamy Giles, Kayvianna Legate, Jemah Bell, Layne Ledding, Haley Oglesby and Jonathan Janosky.

The full exhibit can be viewed online at through March 20, 2021.