Policy 3600 – School Safety

Kenosha Unified School District has, as one of its prime concerns, the health, safety and welfare of all students, employees and visitors. A safe and orderly environment is necessary for a healthy learning situation. It is to be an objective of the School Board through its staff to make the District properties safe, healthful and hazard free.

All employees are responsible and accountable for the practice of safety. The Director of Facilities /designee shall serve as District Safety Coordinator and coordinate all activities related to the safe and health of school facilities.

A school safety plan shall be developed and in effect in each school in the District. Each school safety plan shall be developed consistent with District policies and legal requirements, and shall be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. District employees shall receive a copy of the school safety plan for their assigned school. A copy of each school safety plan shall also be filed in the District office.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 101.11 [Safe employment and place]
    • 118.07 [Safety requirements]
    • 118.09 [Safety zones]
    • 118.10 [School safety patrols]
    • 118.164 [Removal of dangerous, disruptive and unruly students from class]
    • 120.12(1) [Board duty; care, control and management of district property]
    • 120.12(5) [Board duty; building maintenance]
    • 120.12(26) [Board duty; school safety plans]
    • 120.13(1) [Board power to set rules to maintain good decorum and a favorable academic atmosphere]
    • 121.01(2)(i) [Safe and healthful facilities standard]
    • 121.56 [Safe student transportation]
    • 167.32 [Safety at sporting events]
    • PI 8.02(1)(i), Wisconsin Administrative Code [Safe and health facilities regulations]


  • 1600 School Visitors
  • 2810 Incident Reporting
  • 3622 Access to School Buildings and Grounds
  • 3631 Accident Reports
  • 3643 Emergency School Closings (Inclement Weather)
  • 3651 Hazardous Chemicals
  • 3700 Facilities Management
  • 3710 Facilities Maintenance
  • 3750 Playground Equipment
  • 4111 Employee Harassment
  • 4235 Employee’s Right to Know (Toxic Substances and Infectious Agents)
  • 5111 Bullying/Harassment/Hate
  • 5138.1 Entering and Leaving the Building
  • 5430 Student Conduct and Discipline
  • 5432 Student Conduct on School Buses
  • 5436 Weapons
  • 5436.1 Fires, Fire Alarms, Explosives, Firecrackers and Spray Devices
  • 5436.2 Missiles
  • 5437 Threats and/or Assaults by Students
  • 5438 Gang and Gang-Related Activities
  • 5531 Emergency Care Services
  • 5570 Crisis Management/Suicide Prevention Program
  • 6100 Mission, Principles, Goals, Results
  • School Safety Plans
  • Crisis Response Manual


AFFIRMED: August 13, 1991


  • October 28, 2003
  • December 18, 2007