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Academic and Career Planning

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Educational and Career Planning is a Lifelong Learning Process.

Young people learn about occupations and careers from their parents, relatives, friends, and neighbors. The media--the Internet, television, radio, videos, newspapers, and magazines--also shapes their thoughts, beliefs, goals, and concepts about the purpose, value, and nature of work. In the middle and high school years, students choose courses and explore areas which provide the foundations for lifelong learning.

They quickly learn that not everyone will become a professional athlete or a lawyer. They also learn that they should use their interests, abilities, achievements and feedback from significant people in their lives to enhance their self-esteem, to refine their educational/career choices, and to develop the lifelong learning strategies and employability skills needed in today's complex world. The resources on this page are compiled to assist middle/high school students and their parents in their search for careers and education.

Academic and Career Planning (ACP) refers to both a process that helps students integrate their academics with career development activities, and a product that is created and maintained to document and support these activities.

Students, their parent(s)/guardian(s) and their school counselor will meet to discuss interest surveys, career searches, and course selections in the career pathways leading to employment and higher education.  Students are given opportunities to set and evaluate their educational and career goals and to connect them to activities that will help them achieve their goals.

Caution and Disclaimer: Before using these websites, students and parents should determine which websites are secure and decide what personal or private information, if any, you wish to disclose.

Career Cruising

Career Cruising is the computer software tool that students use to complete their Academic and Career Plan. Students sign in to their Career Cruising account online to explore their interests, get to know themselves and opportunities, plan for courses they take and connections to careers/colleges, and then go to job or college experiences that help refine their plans. Students will use Career Cruising to collect and save career planning information, to create resumes, to collect letters of recommendation and to maintain an electronic portfolio. Student login: Career Cruising

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