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Head Start

Head Start is designed to serve children and families that demonstrate economic need. The program serves children who are three or four by September 1. The Head Start program differs from other Early Education programs in that it provides specific support for the growth of the family and that a family must qualify to receive these services and have their child in this program. Head Start services are available in many of our elementary 4K classrooms and at the Chavez Learning Station.


If you are interested in having your child participate in Head Start, please contact Chavez Learning Station at 262-359-7784 or stop at the main office located at 6300 27th Ave., Kenosha.


As determined by the Federal Government, children/families that participate in this program do NOT pay fees of any kind. The Head Start Program is funded to cover the cost of all fees.

Federal Poverty Guidelines

2021-2022 Program Year
Size of Family Unit 48 Continuous States and D.C. 130%
1 $12,888 $16,744
2 $17,420 $22,646
3 $21,960 $28,548
4 $26,500 $34,450
5 $31,040 $40,352
6 $35,580 $46,254
7 $40,120 $52,156
8 $44,600 $57,980
For each additional person, add $4,540  


The 2021 Poverty Guidelines must be used to determine eligibility for Head Start services.

General Document(s)
Form English Spanish
Head Start information flier PDF icon head-start-flier.pdf PDF icon head-start-flier-sp.pdf
Head Start Annual Report 2016-17 PDF icon head-start-report-2016-17.pdf
Head Start Annual Report 2015-16 PDF icon head-start-report-2015-16.pdf
Head Start Annual Report 2014-15 PDF icon head-start-report-2014-15.pdf
Head Start Annual Report 2012-13 PDF icon head-start-report-2012-13.pdf
Head Start Annual Report 2011-12 PDF icon head-start-report-2011-12.pdf
Head Start Community Assessment 2014-15 PDF icon head-start-assessment-2014-15.pdf