Policy 7500 – Acceptance of Completed Project

The School Board may accept a major construction, additions or remodeling project when a Certificate of Occupancy has been granted by the building department of the local governing body. A Certificate of Substantial Completion which records the date of substantial completion of the work by the contractor or substantial completion of a designated portion; thereof shall be issued by the project architect in conjunction with a “Punch list” to the Director of Facilities.


  • Policy 7350, Project Administration/Supervision
  • Policy 7360, Facilities Project Records and Reports


AFFIRMED: June 10, 1991


  • September 11, 2001
  • September 25, 2007
  • December 17, 2013

Rule 7500 – Acceptance of Completed Project

The architect/engineer shall prepare a complete list of all items related to the construction of the building and site which have not been completed in accordance with the plans, specifications and building codes. A copy of the inspection list shall be sent to the Director of Facilities Services.

All warranties, guarantees, operating manuals or spare parts, as required by the specifications, shall be submitted to the Director of Facilities Services prior to acceptance of the project. The above shall be included in the inspection list if such items have not been previously submitted.

The architect/engineer shall notify the Director of Facilities Services when all items on the inspection list have been completed.

Upon final review and inspection by the Director of Facilities Services, a recommendation shall be made to the Superintendent of Schools for acceptance of the project.

The contractor and architect/engineer shall be entitled to final payment following acceptance of the project.