Policy 4228 – Staff Compliance with Court Orders

No employee of the District shall knowingly disobey or disregard any provision of a court order relating to any student enrolled in a school subject to District control, upon receiving notice of the contents of a certified copy of such order.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
  • Sections 48.19(1) (Taking a child into custody)
    • 118.125(2)(c) & (L) (Release of student records upon court order)
  • Chapter 767 (Actions affecting the family; court orders relating to custody of a child)


  • 5125 Student Records
  • 5125.1 Student Enrollment Records
  • 5125.2 Disclosure, Review, and Release of Copies of Student Records
  • 5125.3 Appealing Contents of Student Records
  • 5125.4 Maintenance and Destruction of Records
  • 5125.7 Information Regarding Custody
  • 5125.8 Parent with Physical Placement Rights May File Certified Copy of Court Order
  • 5125.9 Failure to Advise Principal/Designee of Action Affecting Family; Failure to
  • File Certified Copy of Court Order


AFFIRMED: April 22, 1991

REVISED: June 27, 2000