Policy 3511 – Transportation

The School Board shall transport students as required by state law. Other student transportation may be provided by the Board as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools, consistent with legal requirements and District policies and rules.

Students supervised before and after school by a day care center located within the attendance area of the school and two or more miles from the school they attend may be bused to the school. The Superintendent will make recommendations to the Board relative to any exceptions to this policy.

Authorized student transportation shall be by contract carrier or use of a public transportation system. Parent contracts may be offered in lieu of this type of transportation in accordance with state law.

The Board shall review and approve the student transportation program annually. The Supervisor of Transportation Services, under the direction of the Director of Facilities shall be responsible for administering the student transportation services provided by the District in accordance with the approved program.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 115.787(2)(c) [Individualized education programs – services for students with disabilities]
    • 118.51(14) [Full-time public school open enrollment transportation]
    • 120.13(27) [Board power; transportation of persons who are not students]
    • 120.13(27m) [Board power; transportation of indigent students]
    • 121.51-121.58 [Student transportation requirements/authority]
  • PI 7 [transportation in areas of unusual hazard and parent contracts]
  • TRANS 300, Wisconsin Administrative Code [Student transportation rules]


  • 3511.5 Use of Privately Owned Vehicles to Transport Students
  • 3643 Emergency School Closings (Inclement Weather)
  • 5260 Full Time Public School Open Enrollment
  • 5320 School Attendance Areas
  • 5330 Assignment of Students to Schools
  • 5432 School Buses
  • 5570 Crisis Management/Suicide Prevention Program
  • 6520 Field Trips/Co-Curricular Trips
  • Special Education Program and Procedure Manual
  • Crisis Response Manual

ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS: 3643 Emergency School Closings (Inclement Weather)

AFFIRMED: April 9, 1991


  • June 8, 1993
  • December 14, 1999
  • October 28, 2003
  • December 18, 2007