Battle of the Books

Tremper Battle of the Books
Welcome to a fun & learning intensive experience! BOB is a statewide reading challenge.  Students read books deeply so that they retain information about plot, character, theme, setting, and other elements.

 What is Battle of the Books?
     ~20 book high school list for students to read and discuss
     ~A Moodle site for students & advisors to practice and share ideas
     ~A culminating statewide, online “battle” to find the teams who know the books the best

How do we prepare and compete?
     ~Weekly Meetings Fridays @11 on Google Meet via the Classroom
     ~Students read, read, read!
     ~Practice on the Moodle site (all questions are in the following format: Q: In what book does a boy find out he is the son of powerful wizards? A: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K.  Rowling)

Why do we have a Tremper BOB team?
     ~To build love of reading
     ~To encourage students to read books they might not have chosen
     ~To engage students in an academic competition
     ~To connect schools and teachers across the state
     ~To have fun!

 Important 2020-21 Dates

  • *Weekly Meetings (Fridays @11am)
  • October–Submit and choose designs for T-shirts
  • ???–Pizza Sales Fundraiser
  • December 1–Questions released to Advisors & asap to students via Moodle
  • Thursday, January ?? (after finals)–BOB Read-in at Bradford HS
  • February ?? to ??–Final Practice Battle open
  • February (Last Week)–Final Team of students take the online battle quiz
  • March ?–Last day to submit any question challenges
  • March ?–Winners contacted by WEMTA BOB committee
  • March ??–Last day to help select titles (via survey) for the 2022 book list.
  • ***Suggest book titles for 2022 battle book list through Moodle ALL YEAR LONG!
  • June 1–New 2022 Book List Released!