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Approved Better Together 2021-22 plan

Better Together 2021-22 plan

Below are links to the newly approved Better Together 2021-22 plan. 

Some things to note from the plan, which becomes effective July 1, 2021:

  • Masks will be optional for all students and staff (this begins June 16 and includes Summer School)
  • Reasonable effort to maximize 3-foot physical distancing
  • Reasonable effort will be made to maximize space in classrooms 
  • Cleaning/disinfecting solution available for shared equipment and at teacher discretion
  • Quarantine protocols include only the symptomatic individual (staff and students) 
  • No classwide quarantines
  • Continued use of MERV 13 air filters districtwide 
  • Adjustments will be made as guidance evolves
  • Beginning of year events = Virtual (e.g. Registration, Open Houses, Parent Conferences/Meetings)
  • Field Trips
    • Walking field trips to outdoor/community service-based locations allowable 
    • Single-day field trips to indoor locations may be considered with a safety approved plan, including for competitions (Cheer, FBLA, DECA, SMV, etc.)
    • Overnight field trips are postponed until further notice
  • Early Education (3K and 4K)  will be held in person only
  • Elementary students will remain with their classroom cohorts throughout the school day, including breakfast, lunch and recess
  • Utilize the library, art room, and music room for instruction
  • In-person after-school activities allowed for both in-person and virtual students with an approved written safety plan from each advisor and approved by building principal/designee 
  • Kenosha Unified K-5 Virtual Learning Program will be offered separate from each individual elementary school
    • Teachers will teach from a variety of schools
    • Students will be enrolled at the school where the teacher is located rather than their boundary school or choice/charter school 
      • Example: If student assigned virtual teacher at Frank Elementary, the student becomes a Frank Elementary student for the 2021-22 school year.
  • Kenosha eSchool will be utilized for the virtual learning in grades 6-12
    • eSchool is an asynchronous, or student-led, learning platform
  • Families interested in the Kenosha Unified K-5 Virtual Learning Program or the 6-12 eSchool virtual learning option will be required to: 
    • Apply for admittance 
    • Informational sessions will be posted and offered (English and Spanish)
    • An application will be shared with families during forthcoming parent information sessions   
      • June 21 @ 5:30 p.m.: K-5 virtual learning information session
      • June 22 @ 10 a.m.: K-5 virtual learning information session
      • June 22 @ 5:30 p.m.: 6-12 eSchool information session
      • June 23 @ 10 a.m.: 6-12 eSchool information session
  • Those choosing to apply for the K-5 program or eSchool are required to stay virtual for the entire school year.

For more detail, please review the June 15, 2021, presentation or full Better Together 2021-22 plan.

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