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Dr. Sue Savaglio-JarvisDr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis

Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis began her career in education shortly after she graduated from Arizona State University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts in education. She is a lifelong learner who went on to receive her Master of Arts in secondary education in 1990, her Administrative Certification with a focus on leadership and supervision in 1992 and her doctorate of educational administration in 1995, all from Arizona State University.

Dr. Savaglio-Jarvis entered the education field in 1985 as an elementary physical education teacher with the Tempe Elementary School District in Tempe, Arizona. During her first year as a teacher, Dr. Savaglio-Jarvis traveled to several schools teaching her passion for healthy living and physical fitness to all students. When the district transitioned from the junior high to the middle school model, Dr. Savaglio-Jarvis was asked to share her love and passion for the field of physical education with the students at Fees Middle School in Tempe. She held this position until she was appointed to serve as assistant principal of Connolly Middle School, also in Tempe, in 1998. She was then appointed to principal of Tempe’s Bustoz Elementary School for the 2000-2001 school year and returned to Connolly Middle School as the principal in the fall of 2001. Under her leadership, Dr. Savaglio-Jarvis developed a one-year redesign plan for Bustoz Elementary to increase student growth in reading, writing and math, and she guided Connolly Middle School to becoming a high-performing school under No Child Left Behind legislation. She also served as the school district’s assistant director of summer school for five years.

In June of 2005, Dr. Savaglio-Jarvis relocated to Kenosha, Wisconsin – her hometown – to raise her daughter near family. That August, she became assistant principal of Tremper High School, where she focused on teaching and learning, student assessment, coordination of instruction, curriculum materials and staff development.

In 2007, Dr. Savaglio-Jarvis was named principal of Bradford High School, where she dedicated herself to serving 2,500 students and 180 staff members. In 2012, she was appointed to assistant superintendent of teaching and learning. She held this role until July 2014, when she was selected by the board of education to serve as superintendent of Kenosha Unified School District, the third-largest district in the state.

Throughout the years, she has been recognized for her dedication, passion and commitment to students. In 1991, she was awarded the Physical Education Teacher of the Year award by the state of Arizona. She also received the Phi Delta Kappa Exceptional Leadership Award in 2012.

Dr. Savaglio-Jarvis is known for her leadership and intellectual skills. She is a collaborative educator who contributes knowledge and expertise in order to help achieve excellence and high academic standards in the district she is serving. Her passion is to raise student achievement so that all students at all levels are prepared as 21st-century learners.

Contact Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis at 262-359-6320.