Start College Now - Gateway Technical College | Kenosha Unified School District

Start College Now - Gateway Technical College

Dual Credit Coordinator:
Samantha Duczak

Students and parents should refer to the Gateway Technical College website for information about courses, prerequisites, and schedules. You may also request a GTC Course Catalog for course and program information.

Eligibility Requirements for the Start College Now program:

Public high school juniors and/or seniors who are in good academic standing, do not have disciplinary problems, and are not state-defined At-Risk students are eligible to enroll in the Gateway Technical College Start College Now Program

The Start College Now technical college credit ratio is: 4 college credits = 1 high school credit.

The Gateway Technical College Dual Credit Coordinator reviews the Start College Now applications.  Students will receive a letter from Gateway Technical College letting them know they are approved for the course(s).  Students will be invited to connect with their New Student Specialist at their school and attend a Start College Now Registration Night.

Families may have additional fees such as placement tests, exams, parking permits, cosmetology kits, flight school, welding supplies, workbooks, and other materials or supplies that would become the property of the student.  Kenosha Unified School District does not provided transportation to the colleges.

Most Gateway Technical College fall courses start around the same time that the KUSD school year starts. The spring GTC classes start the second week of January.  Students must synchronize their high school and Gateway Technical College schedule.  Bring a copy of the Gateway course schedule to your high school counselor to verify your enrollment and to obtain releases you may need during the school day.