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Menu Pricing

Why Do Adults Pay More for School Meals?

Non-student meals are priced higher because the District does not receive any federal or state reimbursement for those meals, as we do for student meals. The price charged for non-student meals and second meals covers the cost of the entire meal. Federal funds subsidize the cost of the student meals, lowering the cost for families.

Our non-student meals are still a great deal at only $3.75 for a healthy, nutritious, delicious meal!

Notes on Meal Planning in the District

All menus are planned by a Registered Dietitian, following the USDA Guidelines for student nutrition.

Why are meals priced the way they are?

The Food Service Department in the Kenosha School District has a self sufficient budget. This means that the department does not require money from the general school district budget to function. To help keep teaching dollars in the classroom, meal prices are set to ensure that the department is self-sufficient. The money that the department receives from the government in reimbursement does not cover all of the expenses the department has so a small price for meals must be charged to make up the difference.

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