Family Education Programs | Kenosha Unified School District

Family Education Programs

Parent Series

Weekly trainings that develop and strengthen parenting skills

  • ACTIVE PARENTING is a six week series that includes understanding and redirecting misbehavior, family communications, learning at home, and active parenting for school success.

  • SUPPORTING SCHOOL SUCCESS is a five-week series, for parents with children in grades 4K-3, designed to improve communication, reduce misbehavior and help children succeed academically.

  • MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD is a six-week series that assists parents in reading to young children.

  • 911 FOR PARENTS is a four-week series on behavioral management.

  • SUCCESSFUL FATHERING is a 10-week series that focuses on strengthening father/child relationships and school involvement.

  • SECOND STEP is a six-week series on violence prevention that specifically addresses problem-solving and anger management.

  • STRENGTHENING FAMILIES is an eight-week program that focuses on increasing family strengths, enhancing child development and preventing violence.

  • ADULT BOOK STUDY is a three- to four-week book study regarding parenting.

  • ADULT/CHILD BOOK STUDY is a three- to four-week book study for parents and their child(ren), which is based on individual grade levels.

Current Issues

Programs that offer parents an opportunity to gain knowledge on current behavioral and societal issues

  • INTERNET SAFETY is a training provided by law enforcement on safely using the Internet.

  • VIDEO GAMES, HEALTHY HABITS AND CHILDREN is a presentation of healthy activities.

  • BULLYING is training on the definition of bullying and what to do if it occurs.

  • SUICIDE PREVENTION provides an overview of the signs and symptoms of suicide.

  • SCHOOL SAFETY PROCEDURES is a presentation on the procedures of school safety.

  • GANG PREVENTION is an interactive discussion on gangs, where they are, who they target for members and what to do as a parent.

  • SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF DRUG ABUSE trains parents to talk to children about alcohol and drugs.

  • PRESCRIPTION MISUSE is a presentation regarding the misuse of prescription drugs and what to do as a parent.

Interactive Sessions with Parents and Children

Programs that prepare parents to help children learn at home via interactive sessions on reading, math academics and safety

  • GET READY TO READ is an interactive workshop for parents and students that shares fun, hands-on ideas to help children enjoy learning and reading.

  • BE A READY READER is a program for parents and children ages 3-12 to motivate and bring excitement to the reading process. 

  • DR. SEUSS NIGHT is an evening for families to enhance literacy skills with learning stations that provide interactive games focusing on reading.

  • LEARNING GAMES KIDS CAN’T RESIST is a program that introduces 15 learning games that make teaching reading easy and fun.

  • VISUALIZATION FOR CHILDREN is a workshop that helps parents and children in grades K-5 discover and develop their own creativity and imagination.

  • VOCABULARY CARTOONS is an interactive workshop that helps parents and students in grades K-5 utilize and develop larger vocabularies.

  • MAKING BOOKS encourages parents and students to turn things that may have been thrown out into a treasured book.

  • STREET SMART KIDS is a program for parents and students in grades K-5 developed by the Kenosha Police Department, which discusses safety precautions.

  • MATH MAGIC teaches parents and students in grades K-5 how to play interactive math games that encourage students to enjoy math.

  • PUMPKIN SCIENCE NIGHT is an interactive program focusing on science by measuring, counting and weighing pumpkins.

  • PREPARING FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL is for parents and students in fifth grade to help students know what to expect as they transition into middle school.

  • MATH FAIR is an interactive program where several students from each grade level present a curriculum lesson to families.

Informational Programs

Programs that assist parents in staying current with curriculum, testing, social development and special needs awareness

  • Grade level expectations

  • Testing data

  • Stem Night in middle schools

  • Numeracy Curriculum Night

  • Meet-and-greet with the principal

  • KUSD ONLINE RESOURCES to assist parents in helping their children with academics through available online resources

  • STRATEGIES TO LEARN AND PRACTICE BASIC MATH FACTS for parents to help their children with mathematics

  • ADD/ADHD – WHAT CAN PARENTS DO to assist parents in helping their children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders

  • GETTING TO KNOW AUTISM to assist parents in understanding the disorder

  • CHILDREN AND DEPRESSION to discuss signs and symptoms of depression

  • CHILD ABUSE – WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO CROSS THE LINE? presented by law enforcement, to understand child abuse and its consequences