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Our office coordinates professional learning for administrators, teachers, and staff. We strive to follow the Standards for Professional Learning set by Learning Forward.

For questions related to coordinating a professional learning session for your staff, organizing a study group, accessing Frontline-Professional Growth or general Professional Learning, call 262-359-6386 or email

Professional Learning Staff
Jennifer Folkers

Jennifer Folkers
Coordinator of Professional Learning

• Professional learning coordination
• Professional learning planning, design & implementation
• Title IIA

Valerie Dowe

Valerie Dowe
Administrative Support Specialist

• Frontline-Professional Growth System Manager
• Professional Learning Event Coordinator
• Budget and purchasing support
• Professional Learning Systems Support

Keri Heusdens

Keri Heusdens
Teacher Consultant for Professional Learning

• Instructional coaching program lead
• New educator and mentor coordination, training & support
• Professional learning planning, design & implementation



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