Policy 8640 – School Board Member Compensation and Expenses

A School Board member may be paid for each regular or special School Board meeting attended. The amount of the payment shall be determined at the annual school district meeting.

Payment of actual and necessary expenses of a School Board member shall be made when traveling in performance of duties as determined annually at the annual school district meeting.

A School Board member shall be allowed reimbursement, not to exceed an amount determined at the annual meeting, for actual loss of earnings, when duties as a School Board member, whether performed within or outside the District, require absence from regular employment. A written statement detailing the necessary expenses or loss of earnings shall be submitted to the School Board Secretary.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
  • Sections 120.10(3) [Annual meeting power to set board member salaries]
  • 120.10(4) [Annual meeting power to authorize expense reimbursements]
  • 120.13(16) [Board power to pay expenses for attendance at school board organization conferences]
  • 120.13(32) [Board power to provide board member orientation and training]


  • 8620, New Board Member Orientation
  • 8710, Regular Board Meetings
  • 8720, Special Board Meetings


AFFIRMED: May 25, 1993


  • July 10, 2001
  • February 24, 2015