Policy 8620 – School Board Member Membership, Orientation and Development

Board Member Candidates
Immediately following the election declaration verification deadline, non-incumbent candidates will be informed that they will be sent School Board meeting agendas and open meeting notices.

New Board Members
Upon election, each new School Board member elect shall be invited to attend regular and special public School Board meetings. Each new Board member-elect shall be assisted by the School Board and Superintendent of Schools in understanding the Board’s functions, policies, and procedures before he/she takes office.

Orientation sessions to discuss School Board member role and function and District information will be scheduled by the Superintendent of Schools for Board members-elect. These sessions will provide School Board members-elect with priority information to assist in functioning effectively and legally as quickly as possible.

School Board members are encouraged to attend inservice meetings and to avail themselves of other opportunities for development. Inservice training for School Board members is important because it helps the Board stay informed of current educational issues and govern the District in the most informed and prudent manner possible. School Board members shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred in attendance at inservice meetings and other professional development activities in accordance with established District guidelines.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 120.13(16) [School board organization; fee]
    • 120.13 (32) [School board orientation]

CROSS REF.: 8640, Board Member Compensation and Expenses


AFFIRMED: May 25, 1993


  • July 22, 1997
  • July 10, 2001
  • February 24, 2015