Policy 7350 – Project Administration/Supervision

The architect/engineer shall be responsible to the Superintendent of Schools or designee for the major facility construction, additions or remodeling project as specified in the contract, including providing for regular observation and inspection of the project.


  • Policy 7321, Architect/Engineer
  • Policy 7330, Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards
  • Policy 7360, Facilities Project Records and Reports
  • Policy 7500, Acceptance of Completed Construction Project


AFFIRMED: June 10, 1991


  • September 11, 2001
  • September 25, 2007

Rule 7350 – Project Administration/Supervision

  1. The Director of Facilities is assigned by the Superintendent of Schools to represent the District in matters involving the architect or engineer and project administration. All communications with the architect or engineer shall be channeled through the Director of Facilities.
  2. The observation of the major facility construction, additions or remodeling project shall be performed by a qualified member of the architectural/engineering firm who is approved by the Director of Facilities. The architect/engineer shall give immediate written notice to the contractor and the Superintendent or designee when work is not being performed in accordance with contracts, plans and specifications or when work is not being performed as scheduled.