Policy 6750 – Student Contests

All proposals for student contests or awards sponsored by outside agencies must be submitted to the Superintendent/designee for approval. Such proposals will be evaluated on the basis of their contributions to the education of students.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Section 120.13 [Board power to do all things reasonable for the cause of education]


  • 1314, Soliciting Funds from School Personnel
  • 1323, Advertising and Promotions
  • 1324, Soliciting Funds From Students
  • 1325.2, Fund Raising by Members of the Public
  • 6520, Field Trips/Co-Curricular Trips
  • 6100, District Vision
  • 6110, Instructional Program Mission and Beliefs
  • 6740, Student Fundraising Activities


AFFIRMED: December 28, 1990

REVISED: January 29, 2002

Rule 6750 – Guidelines for Student Contests

  1. School personnel may announce and encourage participation in only such contests and competitions as have been approved by the Superintendent/designee.
  2.  Requests for approval of contests should be presented in written form to the Superintendent /designee and should contain details including sponsorship, eligibility, rules, and purpose.
  3. Requests for approval of contests with commercial sponsorship will be denied unless the educational benefits to students are sufficient to justify their participation. At the secondary level, approval of contests with commercial sponsorship generally will be restricted to those which have received approval and which are included in the published lists of the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
  4. Requests for approval of any contest which limits eligibility on any basis other than age or grade level will not be approved.
  5. Continuing student participation in such contests previously approved shall be subject to periodic review.
  6. Participation in contests in the name of the school shall be only upon approval of the principal of the school.