Policy 6413.1 – Family Life Education (Instruction on Human Sexuality)

Instruction on human sexuality will provide information on healthy family life concepts and shall include:

  1. Instruction to support the respect for the integrity of the family.
  2. Teaching abstinence from sexual activities outside of marriage is the expected standard for all school-age children. The District will promote abstinence as the healthiest adolescent sexual behavior.
  3. Instruction to promote abstinence from sexual activity as the only effective method to avoid pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and other associated health problems.
  4. That a mutually faithful monogamous relationship through marriage is the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
  5. Education for all students on the consequences of their sexual behavior.
  6. That no students will be required to take instruction in a unit dealing with human sexuality. If the parent or adult student requests an exemption in writing from the unit, a substitute unit of instruction will be provided.
  7. Program materials which will be available for parent examination.
  8. Certified professionals to teach the curriculum.
  9. Instruction which provides information on human physiology.
  10. Information on pregnancy prevention strategies, effectiveness rates and side effects.

Human sexuality will involve a curriculum plan consisting of a mission statement, program goals, and grade appropriate instruction.  This curriculum policy will serve as a guideline for all future curriculum revisions, including the selection of related textbooks and materials.  Revisions in the curriculum plans and/or materials will be subject to School Board approval.

LEGAL REF.:  Wisconsin Statutes

  • Sections 118.01(2)(d)2c [Instructional program goals related to personal development]
    • 118.019 [Human growth and development instruction]
  • Wisconsin Administrative Code
    • PI 41 [Accommodating a student’s religious beliefs]
  • General Education Provisions Act (20 U.S.C. 1232h) [Protection of pupil rights]


  • 5110, Equal Educational Opportunities/Discrimination Complaint
  • 6330, Privacy Rights in District Programs
  • 6810, Teaching About Controversial Issues
  • Board-Adopted Family Life Educational Program Objectives

ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS: 6413.1, Guidelines for Parent Communications Regarding Family Life Curriculum Objectives

AFFIRMED: September 24, 1991

REVISED: January 29, 2002