Policy 6211 – Year-Round School

Provided a site-based decision-making process involving parents, staff and students is followed, a year-round school calendar may be instituted in the District’s schools.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 120.12(15) Bargaining calendaring proposals primarily related to wages, hours and conditions of employment
    • 120.13 Board power to do all things reasonable for the cause of education


  • 2720, Shared Decision Making
  • 5330, Assignment of Students to Schools
  • 6210, School Year/School Calendar


AFFIRMED: October 9, 1996

REVISED: January 29, 2002

Rule 6211 – Procedures for Developing a Year-Round School Calendar

Site councils, parent organizations, or a site committee must express an interest in developing a year-round school calendar. With the direct involvement of parents, a year round school committee must be formed to assess the level of support. This assessment must include a survey of parents and school staff. If a two-thirds majority of surveyed families support the program, then development of procedures to initiate the program is to proceed under the guidance of the site committee.

The following are to be included in the procedures for program implementation:

  • Compliance with the program must be voluntary. Parents who do not wish to enroll their children in the school will be allowed to transfer their children to other schools. Teachers not wishing to teach at a year-round school will be placed on the administrative reassignment list.
  • The initial program will be in effect for two consecutive years whereupon it will be evaluated by the site committee with a recommendation of continuance or discontinuance.
  • Programs will be initiated at the beginning of a school year and parents must be notified of the procedures prior to the end of the preceding school year.
  • Whenever a school adopts a year-round calendar and a feeder or receiving school also adopts a year- round calendar, both calendars must be uniform.

A copy of the school site plan for implementation of a year-round school program must be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools for approval prior to the initiation of the program.