Policy 5411 – Student Ambassador

The purpose of the Kenosha Unified School District is to serve the educational needs of the students who attend their schools. In order to better facilitate communication between the Board and the District’s students, to increase awareness of the democratic process within the District and to improve the opportunity for participation in the decision-making process by young people, the Board will include student ambassadors in the Board meeting process and District committee meetings.

One of the student council presidents/designees will participate in the regular monthly meetings of the full Board. As student ambassadors, they shall act as a resource to the Board and advise the Board on student-related matters. Specifically, the duties and responsibilities of the student ambassador shall be to:

  • Attend regular monthly Board meetings and sit at the Board table in an advisory capacity. The ambassador shall be free to speak during board comments and participate in discussion or answer questions in the same manner as elected Board members. They will not be able to vote on any issues before the Board.
  • Communicate to the student body actions or discussions of the Board, which will affect or be of interest to students.

All student council presidents/designees that are the assigned student ambassadors will have access to agenda for the regular monthly meeting of the full board. The student ambassador position will rotate monthly by schools throughout the year.


  • 8710, Regular Board Meetings
  • 8712, Agenda Preparation and Dissemination


AFFIRMED: March 27, 2007