Policy 5320 – School Attendance Areas

The Kenosha Unified School District embraces the concept of neighborhood schools and socioeconomic diversity to establish school attendance areas throughout the District. Neighborhoods will be determined and students living within these areas will all be assigned to the same attendance area school. It will be a secondary goal to assign all students who attend an elementary school to the same middle school. Although District wide bussing may increase to address overcrowding, bussing will not be used to attain socioeconomic balance within a school.

Re-districting of schools may occur when the enrollment shifts do not match the capacity of the schools, opening new schools, or consolidation of schools. School attendance areas will be established by the Board of Education and shall remain in effect until subsequent revision by the Board. New schools will be assigned neighborhood areas and new housing developments will become designated neighborhood areas and assigned to a school. Building capacities, transportation requirements, actual and estimated enrollments and the needs of students will be applied when establishing school attendance areas. Because this includes students with special education needs and English language learners, services will be provided at the attendance area school whenever possible or at a special magnet site within the District.

CROSS REF.: 5330 Assignments of Students to Schools

AFFIRMED: August 13, 1991


  • July 12, 1994
  • October 25, 1994
  • January 27, 1998
  • November 28, 2006

Rule 5320 – School Attendance Areas

Whenever possible, attendance areas will be determined to enhance the cultural and socioeconomic diversity of the school versus other district schools. Decisions pertaining to attendance area schools, including program locations, support services, student transfers and choice programs will be made with the best educational interests of all students involved including the development of more diverse environments. Parent initiated school transfers from outside the attendance area and programmatic decisions subject to available student space will be given priority if they enhance the diversity of the new school’s population.

Transportation, at no cost to the family, is provided for students that reside two or more miles from the attendance school. Parents of students with approved transfers to a school other than their attendance area school are responsible for transportation.

To ease overcrowding within an approved attendance area school, students will be reassigned in the following order: parent initiated requests for transfer and district transported students. The Superintendent of Schools/designee, with the permission of the Board of Education, shall reserve the right to determine reassignments that would be in the best interest of the District.

When an attendance area needs to be changed, students who are currently attending may request to continue to attend that school by applying through the transfer procedure until they move to the next level, middle or high school or to attend their new attendance area school at any time before moving to the next level school.